Monday, July 25, 2016

"Go for broke", or Trumpoid thoughts on Muslim terror

A former Tel Aviv colleague writes: "You do know that terrorism in the name of Islam kills far more Muslims than non-M westerners, right? And that the portion of Muslims who participate in terror is tiny, right? Just wondering, b/c so much that Trump says is factually absurd. I suppose it's easy to get confused."

But I say:

1.The portion of Muslims who actively participate in terror by silence, financial, or moral support is not so tiny. Western countries need to persuade their existing Muslim populations that unless they actively give every effort to defeating Islamist terror, they have no future in those countries. Not a pretty thought, but a thought the grandparents of some of the people I grew up with in Seattle were able to act on.

2. Islamists kill who they can reach. The best way to keep them out of reach, as your boy Sharon proved, is to build walls and keep them on the other side.

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