Saturday, December 6, 2014

"A man over forty is either a fool or a physician"

In the spirit of Montaigne, that "a man over forty is either a fool or a physician," here are my heath tips:
Exercise matters, in the sense that some is much more important than none, but a lot provides not much more benefit than some.
Don't eat too many carbs, eat meat, fish, and greens, drink a glass of wine with dinner, and walk when you can. You won't live forever, but you will be happier and less of a health bore than the people who try.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My aims for Israel

My positions:
1. Generosity toward the Palestinians, but no prisoner releases without an armistice and no territorial concessions except as part of a final peace settlement. Jews who wish to remain under Palestinian rule and live in peace must be allowed to remain.
2. Capital punishment for terrorist and criminal murderers.
3. Municipal control of policing. Broken windows policing focusing on public safety and violent crime.
4. Municipal control of planning.
5. Liberalization of land use throughout the country. Break up the ILA into several competing entities.
6. Focus on excellence in education.