Sunday, June 19, 2016

The future of the parties, after Trump

If Trump wins, there will be the neo-Jacksonian Republicans and the corporatist Democrats.
If Hillary wins: there will be the Hillary party, and the more "progressive than Hillary party." Both will be fully devoted to the interests of the very rich, especially open borders, and will compete in Democratic primaries by seeing how many illegal immigrants than can bring to the polls. Any potentially effective conservative, Republican, or neo-Jacksonian opposition, will be destroyed by a weaponized IRS, Justice Department, EPA, OSHA, etc. Only government licensed media will be permitted, once Citizens United is reversed, Big data techniques will enable the government and their Silicon Valley allies to thought police the nation, as working stiffs will have a choice: be progressive or starve. Any facts that might embarrass those in power will scrubbed from the internet and all media.
But #NeverTrump Republicans will love Big Sister.

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